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So you are ready to list your house with me and put it on the market. Here is a checklist consisting of some documents for listing and tasks to get that ball in motion. A few of these I need in order to put your house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The others are needed in order to close some loopholes in the contract, so that a potential buyer can not easily get out of a contract they put on your house. This does not means they will not withdraw their offer, it means they will be obligated to pay the amount due to you for your time in order to back out of the contract.

Lets get started on these documents for listing…

Seller’s Disclosure Notice

*I will send this to you electronically so you will have no doubts about the details they are asking you to divulge. It will lead you through the whole form, get your signatures and send a copy to me for your listing. *

I have attached this document for you to look through and see what they will be asking. This is a legal document that is required by law when you sell your house. It is used as a communication tool between you and the buyer to impart your knowledge of the property. Please do not leave anything off and when in doubt, disclose.

It will ask you about any repairs done on your house and anything that you know needs help or my not be functioning properly. Example: When was your roof replaced? repaired? patched?

If you are afraid you may forget something imperative that your buyer can be upset about then consider purchasing Seller Shield. It will be offered in the electronic version I will send you. See the flyer for more details.

seller shield flyer

Home Owners Assoc (HOA) Profile Sheet

*This document document for listing will be printed and given to you. If you lose it you can always access it here to print. When you are finished you can take a picture of the form and text/email it to me to include in your listing. *

This document is intended for you to disclose all information for your home owners association (if you have one). You will have to either visit their website online or call them in order to obtain the fees involved with the HOA.

This is something we do not have any control over, but I do not want you surprised by this Resell Certificate Docs Fee they will charge you. No need to pay now we will set it up after an offer is accepted.

The buyer generally pays the Transfer Fee but this is negotiated in the contract. The amounts are important if we want the buyer to pay for this portion in their offer for your house.

Survey and T47

*This document for listing will be printed and given to you. If you lose it you can always access it here to print. When you are finished you can take a picture of the form and text/email it to me to include in your listing. *

Along with the other documents for listing, the survey is an important part of the selling process because it shows the house and property line, along with any easement and setbacks. This could be very important to buyers that are wanting to extend the house or maybe put in a pool.

This is another negotiated fee of the contract. If you have one with the seal in the bottom corner already you will need to fill out the T47 and have it notarized. Most banks provide notary service to its member for free.

The T47 is stating that you have an up-to-date survey and have not made any changes to the property since then. Some examples of this may be if you added any concreted permanent structure, pool or moved a fence line. If that is the case a new survey may be needed. The Title company will have the final say in if a new survey will be needed for the sell of the house to go through.

A Few Other Things to Gather

Keys for the house

When showings start on the house the buyers’ agent will need access to all parts of the property to show prospective buyers.

Please have copies made of all keys. Think of all the keys needed for around your property. This may include gates, side doors, sheds, pool house and casita.

Receipts and Warranties

Having visual knowledge that you have been taking care of the house will make the buyer feel more secure in making an offer. So, if you have receipts for upgrades or upkeep on the house they would be useful, as many potential buyer appreciate knowing the care that has been put into your house.


  • roof repair/replaced
  • HVAC replaced/serviced/cleaned
  • transferable warranties
  • pool cleaning services
  • lawn and pest control
Description of the House

I am going to write a description of the house for the listing on MLS. In order to right a flattering description that will attract as many buyers as possible I would like your input.

What do you think are the best features of your house? What makes it special? Are there extra features that are not noticeable right way?


You are already ahead of the game by providing these documents for listing and handling a few tasks ahead of time. With this information your potential buyers will be confident in choosing your house to be their next home.

Our Agreements

Of course, there is also the agreement between you and me called the Listing Agreement. That, along with a few other documents, will be given to you in person or electronically to sign after we have discussed them. It is important that we discuss the documents before signing. this gives you the opportunity to ask me any questions you may have.

The document attached, the IABS, is one such document that is there to let you know the Brokerage I work with. It states that any information you provide me is protected and I will not divulge it to others without your consent.

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