After calling me, contacting mortgage lenders is the first step in buying your home. The worst thing I could do is show you a home, you fall in love with it and then we find a hiccup that keeps you from qualifying for that home. Also, for me to submit an offer to purchase a home, I will need the Pre-Qualification letter ahead of time. This is why I recommend the following mortgage lenders, because I can get an updated letter from them with a quick phone call.

If you are not looking to purchase right away, you can still speak to a professional about the expectations. They can prepare you for the transaction and give you beneficial advice. You will be surprised what you can qualify for and how much, or how little, you will need for your down payment. There are any number of options and the lender will find the one that works best for your individual background and needs.

Need more information about what to ask a lender? Mistakes that can be made while searching? What to expect? CLICK HERE for a few articles on Buying a Home

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