Buying a Home With Ease From Start to Start Moving

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Buying a Home With Ease

Lets Get Prepared

Read over the article and checklist for a few steps to follow in order to get prepared to buy your home. Being prepared, especially in this market, is essential.

Contact a Lender

This step is a MUST in order to view homes you find and are interested in seeing.

Here are a few lenders I know and trust that will be there for you through the whole process. This article provides links to the online application process, but if you are not comfortable with that reach out by phone.

Even if you are not ready right now contact them for advice on how to prepare yourself and your finances for a mortgage loan. They are patient and kind or I would not work with them.

Ready to Search

For a custom home search that keeps you informed as soon as properties hits the market, contact me! They can be sent directly to your inbox so we can get that home you have wanted.

Things to consider and agree on before your home search:
  • Discover your MUST HAVES and MUST NOT HAVES
  • New and shiny or can fix some?
  • One or Two story?
  • Garage size?
  • Neighborhood Amenities?
  • Lot size?
  • School district/specific school?
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Other Options to Buy

new home builders

New Home Builders

Just remember, new home builders will offer different floor plans and options in every neighborhood. You may not like one builder in the first neighborhood, but don’t count them out…
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Ronda Sawyer at JPAR

Hi Y’all! Hope you are having fun so far with the home buying and/or selling. It can be very stressful time, but let me take on that stress for y’all. Are you ready to get going or just need a little more time?

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