Welcome! The word to describe San Antonio is DIVERSE.  We are a Military community so we have the benefit of multicultural everything…living styles, activities, and, of course, food! If you do not know what type of area you would like to live, visit or just go eat you found the right place. You have plenty of options to choose from. Rolling hills pictured about, suburbs or downtown condos are all available.

San Antonio Downtown

The Hispanic culture is strong here so if you are coming to visit you must try the TexMex food.  If you are coming to stay, you may want to join a gym or some social activities to keep you fit.  Ultimately, you will discover tacos and want them for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.   If you want to know where to eat next in San Antonio or surrounding areas, just ask a local.  Visit HelotesLiving.com for a few ideas. But be warned, it is like going on a cruise…you have to know you are going to start gaining weight the closer you come to town. LOL

Think goodness there is a large selection of activities to keep you busy.  If you like the outdoors we definitely have you covered.  There are over a hundred different parks here so pick and choose until you find your favorites.  Visit the San Antonio Parks and Recreation website to narrow down the list.   If you like the water we have anything ranging from Sea World’s Aquatica and Fiesta Texas water parks to a stroll on the River Walk downtown.   If you are more of a night owl most dance halls and bars stay open till 2AM.

San Antonio, Texas
Northwest San Antonio
Fiesta Texas
Sea World
The Pearl
Market Square

So, its not the city that never sleep, but that’s because we have so much fun to discover in the mornings too.  Get to one of the Theme Parks early to start your day on a roller coaster and/or watch a show.  Every time I leave town I am reminded how many things there truly are to do back home.  I can go to Sea World one day and Fiesta Texas the next because they are only 15 miles apart.  Maybe I would take a day in between to explore downtown, and go shopping at the Market Square, see the Missions or get food and drinks at The Pearl.

If you live here already, you have a good idea of where it is best for your family to live.  Call me to explore some more!  If you are thinking of moving here, you will not have a problem finding what fits y’all since we are so diverse.  You can purchase a condo with a pool and facility management, a mansion on a small lot in a neighborhood, or a small home on acreage.  It’s all available here or a close drive by.  Call me any time to brainstorm ideas, set you up on a search and/or list your house to find your next home.

Check out a few of our other areas nearby that are fun to visit