Just remember, new home builders will offer different floor plans and options in every neighborhood. You may not like one builder in the first neighborhood, but don’t count them out for the next. I have visited some of my favorite builders in a new community and not been very impressed. Also, something to consider, I’ve been so impressed with other neighborhood amenities that I’ve been tempted to move myself no matter the builder!

Why buy a new home?

Maybe you just want everything to be yours, everything is new and shiny, where you are the only one to have used that bathroom and oven. Here are some other advantages:

  • Typically less maintenance is required since everything, including the building materials are new and up to today’s building codes.
  • Most home builders provide a warranty and a specific person to contact for issues that may arise within a period of time.
  • Manufacturers’ warranties are typically included for all appliances such as HVAC system and kitchen appliances.
  • They, of course, have the most modern floor plans, such as open floor plans, and larger closets and laundry rooms. And, don’t forget the water softeners can come with your new home, but most importantly they are plumbed for them.
  • New homes usually are more energy efficient due to better types of insulation, windows and energy codes.
  • The home builders are using materials that require less long-term maintenance like vinyl and treated woods to protect against rot and insects.
  • In most cases you can choose your own designs and features for your home instead of replacing and maybe fixing existing features. There is nothing like have an old paint color bleed through your new color or patching ceilings from old lighting.
  • AND a lot of builders have your homes pre-wired for the latest and greatest smart technology such as WI-FI and security.
  • Some offer their own lender’s services, so they can provide special incentives.

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