Lets Protest and Appeal Those Increases

I know it is a shock to see the Bexar County property taxes increase so drastically. It is time to protest your property taxes. I protested last year just by uploading comparables and pictures of my home that showed things that still needed updating/upgrading. This decreased my appraisal by $20k. This year they are saying I’m am back to last years appraisal plus another $10k, so a $30k increase. Unfortunately, this may be the situation for the follow year, since houses are selling for well over asking price. The 2020 year, though, you still need to protest your property taxes.

So far this year, people that protest are seeing a slight decrease in their BCAD appraisal value, but if you DO NOT ACCEPT THE FIRST TIME they will come back with a second offer that is lower. This is just what I am hearing from those I have provide comps for their protest, but I can not guarantee this will be the same for your situation. So take this as advice not fact. *Disclaimer stated LOL*

Steps to Protest Your Property Taxes:

  1. You can find your homes square footage and property appraisal on the Bexar County Appraisal District
  2. If you have comps of your neighborhood note the value and property addresses that are close to or the exact square footage as your home. MAKE SURE TO USE COMPS THAT CLOSED BETWEEN JAN-DEC 2020 because your property value has gone up since Jan 2021!
    • Using those selected properties look at the sold/sqft and note that amount. Of course, the lower the price per square foot the worse shape it is in, and vise versa.
    • Multiple one of the selected sold/sqft by your number of square footage to get as estimate of the value of your home. You can do this for as many properties you want so you can get a range of data.
  4. Print out the properties that match your home best as proof of value as documentation for your appraisal district protest.
  5. Be sure to take pictures of everything wrong with your home to upload for your Notice of Protest the second round.

6.Now you are ready! Visit Bexar County Appraisal District HERE then select “Online Services” to file your Notice of Protest. Create your Online Portal if you have not done so in past years, and upload the reports and photos you may have taken of your homes condition. Next, wait and see what they say. If you are still not satisfied with your, hopefully reduced, appraisal you will need to Appeal.


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